Make the Transition to Cloud with WebZerITSecure your journey to the cloud with Microsoft 365 & WebzerIT

With Microsoft 365 & WebZerIT you can be more productive from anywhere!

Enable your team to do their best work with cloud technology to improve team collaboration. Use integrated tools to simplify work, helping you to do your best on any device. Enjoy better connections to feel closer to colleagues and the organisation.

  • Enable your team to do their best work:
    Store relevant files, notes and ongoing chats in a shared space
    Create better content together
    Work together with trust and confidence thanks to version history and trusted cloud locations
    Leverage the power of AI to make your work even better
  • Integrated tools to simplify work, helping you to do your best on any device:
    Connect & collaborate with one platform for all business partners
    Share and edit files in real time with integrated Office 365 apps
    Download as app for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android – or in a browser
    Get a fluid, familiar experience across PC, mobile, web, and meeting rooms
  • Better connections to feel closer to colleagues and the organization:
    Feel connected, even when you’re apart
    Have more control over how you see content and meeting participants
    Everyone has a voice and their voice should be heard
    Stay in the know across the company through leadership communications and engagement
  • Ensure only the right users have access:
    Seamless, secure access – Azure AD Single Sign-On lets you manage authentication across devices, cloud apps and on-premises apps – and increases productivity by reducing passwords to one set of credentials per employee or external collaborators.
    Added layers of dynamic access controls – Double down on secure access with multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access policies to restrict access to specific people and healthy devices.
    Say “hello” to biometric access – Sign into your device using biometrics like your fingerprint or face instead of passwords with Windows Hello.
  • Protect your data | Help prevent accidental data leaks:
    Microsoft security best practices – Install Microsoft-recommended, customizable security baselines on Microsoft 365 Apps, Windows PCs, Microsoft Edge and deploy Microsoft Endpoint Manager app protection policies for Apple & Android devices.
    Integrated data loss prevention – Identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive data across Microsoft 365 workloads using targeted data loss prevention policies.
    User-friendly content protection – Leverage features like sensitivity labels in Office and secure sharing options in Outlook to help users safeguard their own work.
  • Proactively block threats | Gain insights and take recommended actions before issues occur:
    Discover risky apps and data – Analyze cloud applications that are used without authorization from the IT department. Leverage our scoring based on risk factors to prioritize your actions.
    Understand your device estate – Reduce risk and helpdesk costs by applying recommended policies, and insights into hardware issues or performance intensive apps through the Endpoint Analytics service.
    Evaluate your security approach – Get a real-time analysis of your current security posture, including recommendations how to improve and compare your score with benchmarks and key performance indicators.

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