WebZerIT New Website!

For many years WebZer has been trading primarily as a web hosting company and web design agency. We have developed an impressive portfolio of websites that we designed for businesses across the UK, many of which are local to Pembrokeshire where our main office is based.

However, during this time we have also developed our IT Support and Management services, with clients all over Pembrokeshire and some further afield. This has mainly been done by word-of-mouth and whilst we are extremely appreciative of this fact we also realised that we needed to advertise these services in a more formal manner, hence the birth of WebZerIT!

WebZerIT is our way of showing what we as IT company have to offer to small businesses and local clients. Our day to day work will still be the same but we hope this will answer the question to our customers “I did not know you were also doing this”

“Here at WebZerIT we specialise in delivering you a solution that does already exist but with a different approach. Now a days we all need IT Services, Webdesign, SEO, Social Media and Marketing servicves and we mostly use different companies for it. WebZerIT specialises in delivering that all in one approach. One contact point for all your needed services!”

The result is a website that reflects and informs everyone what WebZerIT do, what our ethos is, and how we can help businesses and private clients with their IT requirements in the modern era of the cloud and cyberspace!”

For more information on how we can help your business please contact us or call 01437 700 023 to arrange a free consultation.

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