Why outsourcing your IT support is the way to goIT outsourcing is the practice of hiring an external third party to deliver IT-enabled business processes, manage infrastructure, and provide unparalleled support services.

You’ll find that it is simple if you do your research!

How should I proceed?

Outsourcing isn’t merely about picking the first expert you come into contact with – it’s about finding a match that works for you.

Business owners don’t realize that there is no all-or-nothing approach – there are multiple options available based on their organization’s specific needs. To get the most out of outsourcing, you need to analyze all these options thoroughly.

Start with these key tips…

  • Various levels of support exist:
    IT support generally falls into three categories: first line, second line, and third line. Generally, first-line support providers have a general knowledge of digital technology, and attempt to resolve issues using standard fixes before escalating to second-line support. Second-line support providers typically possess more specialized technical skills, and use conversation rather than generic scripts to establish a solution remotely. Third-line support offers guaranteed fixes, on-site visits, and extensive training from experts with extensive knowledge and experience.
  • A strategic outsourcing approach: 
    Not every aspect of IT support needs to be outsourced. When you understand how each process creates value, you can decide what processes should be outsourced and which should be handled internally – do this by analyzing any risks associated with outsourcing specific tasks.
  • Your IT support provider should be an extension of your company:
    A good IT support provider will align with your company’s values and perspectives. Whenever possible, you should visit the sites of potential outsourcing partners and meet the people with whom you are in conversation. In addition to integrating seamlessly into your team, your agency partner should speak as openly and freely as any member of your internal team – to the benefit of your business as a whole.
  • Beware of heavy jargon users: 
    Organisations that use jargon and technical language excessively to promote their expertise should be avoided. Making something complicated sound simple can be done if you understand it well – intimidation and scaremongering tactics are unnecessary.
  • Establish a human connection: 
    At WebZerIT, we consider customers to be more than just tickets. A customer should be able to speak to a real person rather than an automated system that is unhelpful, unresponsive, and unreliable.
  • A trustworthy IT partner is everything: 
    Avoid micromanaging your IT partner after you outsource. Choosing them was the right decision – let them show off their full potential and trust their expertise. As with any effective relationship, it’s important that your new hire feels like a full member of the team.

Choose your outsourced IT partner wisely:

Outsourcing your IT support requirements can significantly reduce business costs, free up company time, improve productivity, and offer a whole new set of unique problem-solving abilities. It is essential to select a partner who has an extensive portfolio of experience and shares your values. Finding the right match, however, provides incredibly rewarding results.

Visit our Managed Services page for more details on outsourcing your IT services. For those looking to move to the cloud please visit our Managed Microsoft 365 page for our Microsoft Partner services.

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