Why should I have my own domain name?What is wrong with my gmail? Why should I not use my aol.com?

We get asked these questions a lot. Whether you own an existing business or an idea for a start up, you need a strong online presence. Your online presence is nothing different than your shop window but online.  It does not look professional when you have an email address luckyhairdresser@gmail.com  instead of info@luckyhairdresser.co.uk  on your shop window or back of the car.

  • Benefits of a strong domain name
    The first thing a potential customer would do when searching for a product or service is conducting a web search, and if your domain name is relatively easy to find and has content related for those products or services you greatly increase your chances for a sale or visit to your shop.
  • Stand out with a unique domain name
    When you meet people at a party, and they introduce themselves you listen to their name. As you move on the fifth person, their names fly out of your memory. The names that you remember are the ones that are unique and seem to match the person that shook your hand. Your domain name is as important for standing out in a crowd within your industry. Without the right domain name, you run the risk of becoming drowned in today’s busy marketing. The goal is to pick a name that is unique and/or close to your business or service.
  • Make sure you pick a domain name to remember!
    If nobody remembers how to type your domain name, you may have created a domain name that is too unique. The easier it is to type your domain name, the more it will stick in the mind of your potential customers. This also counts for your business name. Sometimes it’s as simple as just using your business name, but sometimes that might work against you. Domain names like thebesthairdresserintownluckyhairdresser.co.uk are simply too long while luckyhairdresser.co.uk will be remembered and easy to follow.
  • What to do if your domain is already taken?
    There is a high chance the domain name you want is already taken, but that does not mean you have no options. WebzerIT can help you find your domain name at no extra cost, just talk to us and we can find a solution. Domain names start at a couple of pounds a year and securing your domain name is very important now a days. The longer you let it be, the more names will be gone.

Make your business heard!

Make your business stand out from the crowd and unique to remember. When you have a domain name that stands out, your customers would listen to what you have to say, and they will want to know what you sell.

Contact WebzerIT today to secure your domain name, hosting or website. We have over 25 years of internet experience and can support you with your digital journey.

Visit WebzerHosting for more details or to purchase that all important domain name.

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